Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fabric Closet Sale!

I'm going to be posting a tutorial next week on how to make "feathers" out of faux fur! It's great for making giant feathers that don't exist in nature.

Until then, I've been cleaning out my fabric closet and found an abundance of perfectly nice fabric that I'm not using, and won't be any time soon, so I'm selling it in the hopes that the cosplay and crafting community at large can make use of it. I've decided to post it here to see if anyone is interested!

There's a wide variety of stuff here. Some of it was purchased and I simply never ended up using it; some of it is leftover from a project.

Below is a list of everything I have. I'm starting out with a list with photos. I'll indicate if they're off the bolt (OTB), or remnants (REM) from a project (in which case it will have one or more not straight/clean edges). I'm working on measuring each piece, but there are a lot of pieces, so it will take me a while. I will update as I go.

I also have small and large scraps of various fabrics which I can sell for $1 per gallon-sized ziploc bag full. This would be useful for if you need little pieces, or if you do crafts that need even smaller scraps of fabric. The scraps are mostly cotton blends.

Everything comes from a smoke- and pet-free home.

If you're interested or have any questions, email me at If you're interested in a fabric that doesn't have a posted measurement, let me know, and I'll measure it asap and let you know. I'm also willing to haggle, especially if you're purchasing multiple items. My main goal is to free up space, so I'll try to work with you! I think you'll find the prices to be pretty reasonable, though.

For long cuts, I will be happy to cut you a smaller length, but nothing smaller than one yard, please. If the entire piece I have is 1.5 yards, for example, I will only sell the piece in its entirety. If it's 3 yards, I'll sell a piece that's 1 or 2 yards.

Buyer pays for shipping of items. I will ship using whatever method you'd like and will combine multiple items into one box to make the shipping as inexpensive as possible.

As a final note, I didn't have a lot of control over the way the colours turned out in the photos. I tried to describe the colours as best I can, as the pictures may not be exactly accurate. Feel free to ask if you're unsure of a particular fabric.

Any other questions, let me know. :3 Happy browsing!

Bright purple patent pleather - OTB - 1 yd - Asking $5 (retail $7)

Bright red patent pleather - SOLD!

Black patent pleather - OTB - 2.5 yd - Asking $5/yd (retail $7/yd)

Maroon/dark red vinyl. Thicker, I believe it's "marine" vinyl, so it's on the thicker side. Looks like faux leather, mostly smooth with a little bit of texture. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

Dark brown vinyl/fake leather. Like the maroon above, but dark brown instead. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

Cotton/Poly Broadcloth

(Your basic blend from Joanns that comes in a variety of colours.) Asking $1.50/yd for all of the below unless otherwise noted (Retail $3-5/yd)

"Tomato" Red - OTB

Light "Peach" - OTB

Light "sky" blue (it looks washed out in the photo, sorry :/ ) - OTB

Light tan - REM - Two large pieces - $1/piece

Bright white - OTB

Black with a grey, silver, and white leaf pattern with small flowers. - REM

Light bright blue (a little brighter than the "sky" blue) - REM

Medium blue, slightly darker than "primary" blue - REM

Medium/dark greyish blue. I used this for Haku. - REM

Shades of grey camoflage - OTB

Other Cotton, Poly, and Misc. Fabrics

Grey cotton/poly. A warmer, medium grey tone. Fabric is smoother than the basic cotton/poly and has a slight sheen. - OTB - Asking $2/yd (Retail $5/yd)

Light yellow 100% cotton. Already washed and very soft. Good for dying. - REM - $2 for the piece (Retail $5/yd)

Dark blueish-green "twill". Mostly synthetic, with a light stretch. Has graining like a twill, but is thinner. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

Slightly dark red "twill", like above. - REM - Two irregular pieces - Asking $1

Greyish tan/khaki bottomweight fabric. Has a greenish undertone. Looks like something you'd make pants out of. I used it for a Shino (from Naruto) jacket. - 1/2yd piece with a long 1.5ydx7in piece attached. - Asking $1.50 for the piece (Retail $6/yd)

Red slightly textured home decor fabric, Cotton. If you don't have a costume use for it, it's good for a throw pillow. - OTB - 1/2yd - Asking $4 (Retail $15/yd)

Patterned home decor fabric, blue background with different coloured circles (see photo). Same type of fabric as above. - OTB - 1 yd - Asking $8 (Retail $15/yd)

Slightly textured red cotton fabric. Thinner, and with very slightly more open weave, than the red home decor fabric mentioned above. Used for an Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke) hood. - REM - Small, irregular piece - Asking $1

Black suiting with very thin white pinstripes. Synthetic. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

Satins, Etc.

Black satin. This is a thinner, synthetic satin like they sell at Joanns. Good multi-purpose black satiny fabric. - OTB - Two pieces, each 4 yds - Asking $3/yd (retail $7/yd)

Very pale purple satin. Soft sheen on one side, matte on the other. Looks less washed-out than in the photos. - OTB - Asking $3/yd (Retail $7/yd)

Dark purple satin. Like above. - REM - Several pieces - Asking $3/yd or $2 remnant piece (Retail $7/yd)

White satin. Like above, but more silky feeling. - OTB - Asking $1.50 for the piece

Deep reddish-purple satin. Like above, but even more silky. This is about the nicest silky fabric you can get at a place like Joanns. I'd use it if I could think of a project for it. - OTB - Asking $7/yd (Retail ~$12/yd)

Deep "lipstick" maroonish-red satin. Like above. Very silky. - OTB - 1 yd - Asking $6 for the piece

Pewter grey polyester lining - OTB - Asking $1/yd (Retail $3/yd)

Textured light purple silky synthetic. Has nice movement and catches the light in a pretty way. Was used for a lovely dress. The photo makes it look a bit more grey than it is. - REM - Asking $2/yd (Retail $8/yd)

Velvety Things

Light purple crushed velvet - OTB - 1/2yd, 64" wide - Asking $1.50 for the piece

Dark purple crushed velvet - REM - 4 smaller pieces - Measurements on request - Asking $.50 per piece

Light green crushed velvet - REM - 5 smaller pieces - Measurements on request - Asking $.50 per piece

Black velveteen. This is basically a flocked black fabric or "faux velvet", though it doesn't have as high of a pile as velvet, and isn't as soft. It has a similar fuzzy look, though. - OTB - 1.5 yds, 56" wide - Asking $7/yd (Retail $11/yd)

Deep red real velvet. Nice and soft :3 - OTB - 1/2yd, 48" wide - Asking $10 for the piece (Retail $28/yd)

Light brown burlap. Slightly open, coarse weave. - OTB - Asking $1 for the piece (Retail $4/yd)

Knits & Stretch

Orange ribbed stretch knit. I used it for my Pokemon Ace Trainer costume. - OTB - Asking $4/yd (Retail ~$10/yd)

Dark blue jersey stretch knit. - REM - Two small pieces - Asking $1

Faux Fur

White long-hair "Designer Fur" piece. Brand new on a card, as it comes. Great for making huge pretend feathers ^_^ - 12x15in piece - Asking $3 (Retails for $4)

White medium/short-length fur. Slight stretch in one direction. Quite soft and cottony. - OTB - 1/2yd - Asking $4 (Retail $13/yd)

Off-white/light tan very short faux fur - REM - ~3/4yd - Asking $5 (Retail $10/yd)

White short faux fur - OTB - ~3/4yd - Asking $5 (Retail $11/yd)

[More to come]

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update to an Old Post

In addition to today's post, I updated this older post about using fiberglass to make the Windia Sword. I added a few resin progress shots, and updated some of the text. Check it out!

Deathsmiles: Windia (or, How to Make a Wooshy Sword with Fiberglass and Resin)


Creating Branches and Wood Texture - Cheaply!


The aforementioned project for which I painted many, many leaves also required branches (what else would leaves be on?). Not only branches, but branches of specific thicknesses and shapes. And, oh yeah, they have to be light enough to carry on my back. Geez!

I solved the conundrum by creating the branches out of PVC pipe. It's cheap, readily available, lightweight, comes in many different thicknesses, and easy to bend with some sand and a heat gun. I'll talk more about that process in another post.

Once I had all this smooth PVC formed into branches, how to make them look like... well branches? The answer: TEXTURE ALL THE THIIINGS!

How To:


  • Cheap paintbrushes
  • Matte Modpodge (matte so it's easier to paint)
  • Tissue paper (any colour will do, I happened to have white)

...that's all!

Then, I used the following steps:

1. Crumple the tissue paper in (mostly) one direction to create wrinkles that more-or-less go one way. I did this by holding one side of the tissue sheets in my hands, then using my fingers to gather and crumple the sheet until it was all inside of my hands. It was sort of like doing a really poor version of accordion folding.

After crumpling, tear the tissue sheets into smaller pieces. You don't want really tiny pieces as you would for paper mache; you want larger pieces about four or five inches wide and at least long enough to wrap around the branch. A little longer than that is better.

2. Apply some Modpodge (white glue should also work here, but Modpodge is stronger) to a section of the branch. Overlap the Modpodge a little with previously-textured sections to ensure no spots are missed. 

3. Apply the end of one piece of tissue to the spot, and use your Modpodge-dipped brush to gently apply the tissue, wrapping it around the branch and brushing in the same direction as the wrinkles, as much as you can help it. You want the wrinkles to remain in-tact; don't pull the tissue taught or do anything else to discourage wrinkling.

4. After ensuring the piece is covered in Modpodge, continue down the rest of the piece in the same manner, overlapping sheets of tissue slightly (or a lot) as you go. Fill in spots that seem thin or unconvincing.

Eventually, you'll have a lovely, textured piece. This method covers many flaws and lumps. My branches were lumpy and had all different textures because of the fiberglass, glue, and what have you, but the wrinkled tissue gave it a uniform texture.

Be sure to let everything dry completely (I recommend overnight at least) before attempting to paint it. I applied a coat or two of primer, and then brown spray paint. I'm not quite done with the painting (it's a bit boring and needs touchups, etc.), but you can see from the first photo that it's already pretty convincing.

Happy texturing!