Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just a Quick Post...

Just a PSA that the next few weeks are crazy (finals and projects x_x ), so you may hear very little from me for a while. I haven't forgotten. My costume is staring at me. I wish I could work on it. :(

My goal is still to have the bulk of sewing construction complete by the new year. I think I can do it!

See you soon!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lagombi Progress! 11/21

Hi everyone! I've been working on my Lagombi costume, sometimes on stream! It's fun because even if only a couple of people are watching (probably working on their own stuff!), I can chat with them, and it gets me to focus and work on something for a while. Here's where I'm at with it right now (after the jump).

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Twitter and Twitch

Hi everyone! Another quick post to let you know a few fun things:

1. I added a Twitter stream to this blog! It's over there in the right-hand column. Look! Are you looking?

Any tweet with #trienecosplay in it will make it to this stream, so feel free to use it to ask me questions! Be sure also to follow me on Twitter @katielafaw.

2. Now that Twitch has a creative category, I'm going to try streaming on there! First stream will be tonight at 9pm EST, god willing. I'll always tweet about my Twitch activities, so that's another reason to follow!

You can visit the stream (and follow me!) here:

Triene86's Twitch Channel

Hope to see you on Twitch and Twitter!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Streamin It Up

I'm getting all social media on you now!

First, I've finally made a Facebook page dedicated to my cosplay! Please visit it and give it a like! Tell your friends!

Triene Cosplay's Facebook Page

Second, I'm going to be experimenting with streaming my cosplay work sessions! For now, it's going to just be anything goes, so some may be longer/shorter or more/less action-packed than others. I'm hoping you'll come watch, chat, we'll keep each other company and make cool things! Plus, I hope to teach you some things along the way!

Triene Cosplay's Ustream

It's going to start on an as-I-feel-like-it basis, but I hope to expand into setting up specific events (where you'll know ahead of time exactly what neato thing I'm doing, and it will be self-contained!) and streaming on a regular schedule.

I hope you'll comment here, on my Facebook page, or on Ustream about what kinds of content you'd like to see! If I get requests for how-tos, more details about a costume, or what have you, I'll do a video!

Keep an eye on my Facebook page and Twitter account (@katielafaw) to keep track of when I'm streaming and other updates.

Thanks for the continued support! <3

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3 Best Ways to Use your Fabric and Craft Store Coupons

"Why yes, I did use
coupons! Thank you for
We all get them in some form: weekly (or daily!) coupons in the mail, on apps, via email, and from
websites. But when you want to buy costume materials, and you have only a few coupons at your disposal, what should you use them on? Or, what should you wait for a coupon to buy? After many years of experience shopping at these retailers, many of whom mark things up so they can always have "sales", I can offer some insight!