Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blizzcon Cosplay!

Well, Blizzcon 2009 was absolutely amazing. It's completely different from an anime con, and was twice as big as the biggest con I've been to!

I'm just going to focus on cosplay in this particular post, though as you might imagine, I have a lot to say about the rest of the con, as well. Going there was an absolute dream.

I have to admit, it was very difficult seeing all of the amazing costumes, because as I've mentioned many times before, I want to do WoW cosplay very badly. However, I had several very nice conversations with some of the people in the amazing costumes, so I picked up some good tips for when I start on mine! I mostly asked about armour making, as I've heard of so many ways to do it. Wonderflex was involved on everyone I spoke to (except one person, whose friends made his armour out of REAL LEATHER. Crap.), as I assumed, but the rest was varied.

The priest (first photo) used Model Magic on top of his armor, much to my noticeable surprise. I have heard of people making things with it, but it has some issues... it shrinks a lot, for one, and can be dented during various stages. He wasn't surprised at me being skeptical, so he went on to explain that it works very well and is nice and lightweight, you just have to remember to account for the shrinking when making the pieces. I'm now confident that if I do experiments to see how much it shrinks in different situations, I could form some pretty intricate pieces with it.

A girl dressed as a... which doctor? Shaman? From Diablo 3 told me that most of her stuff was made out of Sculpey, which surprised me even more than the Model Magic guy. Almost as if reading my mind, she said that it of course is very fragile, and she has to be extremely careful not to break it. She also used the much talked about Wonderflex/Friendly Plastic combo. She also used Bondo for a few things, and I asked her how easy it was to work with. She said don't use it on things that bend, which I pretty much figured. She also had a very cool system of LED lights embedded into cast resin jewels all over her armor. She explained that all of the wires were hidden in the cloth, and they were all powered by D batteries disguised in a scroll case! That was a great idea. I regret not taking a photo of her, but she was in the costume contest, so I'm sure there are many photos of her on the internet.

Kael'thas (second photo) is the guy who was wearing a costume made by two friends; one did the armor, the other the sewing. The armor was all hand-tooled leather, and was very impressive. Leather working is an in-game skill I have that I've always wanted to learn to do in real life. Hopefully some day I will. Anyway, he was very nice, and enjoyed doing Kael'thas's voice, which was fun.

I didn't get to talk to the Draenei Shaman (third photo) about his armor, but I thought it looked very cool. The LEDs gave a nice effect because the whole con was so dark. I wasn't so sure about the scale of his mace, but everything looked really great. You could tell he spent a great deal of time on it. I was also just happy to see a draenei male! More beard tentacles next time, man. Beard tentacles.

The costume contest was great fun to watch. I didn't have good seats, so I have no photos from it. It should be easy to find on the internet. The girl who won had a very intricate and amazing costume and, almost as importantly, was in character all the time! I saw her several times throughout the con, including on stage, and she was always acting her part. Congrats to her for all of her efforts.

Overall, there weren't many people walking around on the floor in costume, and I could see why. Most of the costumes were big and bulky, and the convention was completely packed and difficult enough to navigate in normal clothes. But... I'm going to try to do it anyway! Here's hoping I can get tickets next year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blizzcon, Baby! :D

That's right! I'm leaving very soon for Blizzcon with my friend Mike, and we are both ridiculously excited.

I should be sleeping because I have to get up early, but too bad! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep on the plane... I always want to but rarely manage it, so maybe being sleepy will help. ^_^;

I was about to put everything in the suitcase when I decided it would be fun to sew up my WoW-related t-shirts a bit, since they're all a little large (my Ventrilo shirt, ridiculously so). Not cosplay or terribly good sewing, but still clothing-related con prep... and fun! (Do I look sleepy? Because I AM o_o;)

I have some mini cards both for my cosplay site and for my WoW character, and I hope to give out a lot of each! So if you're one of the two people who reads this, and will be at Blizzcon, come find me. ._.

I'm going to try to blog from Mike's phone while I'm there, but we don't know how that's gonna work out. so if I don't, I'll be sure to write a nice entry about the con when I get back. For real! School's over. However, it's going to be hard to control my conflicting cosplay emotions - being jealous and angry because I didn't have time/money to make a WoW costume (which, if you don't know by now, is a gigantic slice of my "Cosplay Dreams" piechart), and being excited and impressed by the nice costumes. Bah!


Monday, August 17, 2009

and... Anime Boston Photos!

Finally... hopefully these are still somewhat relevant to you. ^_^; School kicked my butt this summer, keeping me extremely busy. At least I'm almost finished with that...

Here's the link to the Anime Boston pics. Full disclosure: I removed a bunch of hall shots to save space :<

Anime Boston 2009 Pics

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Connecticon 2009 freakin' rocked...

It's true! Connecticon was completely awesome this year. I didn't make it to any of the panels I wanted to see, but it was totally worth it.

I went with some friends, and most of them made it to at least a few of the panels they wanted to see, so that worked out. For one of them, it was their first con, so that was all very exciting.

Four of us made a second attempt (from last year) at entering the Rock Band tournament under the name TanhaĆ¼ser Gate... and we won! :D I did the whole thing in Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay... oh well. I love that costume! (PS... this photo of me in my Space Commander Haruhi cosplay is actually from Anime Boston this year, but since that post was lacking photos and I wore this costume to CTcon as well... here it is! Shh...)

I'll add links/photos when we're actually able to get our hands on them. I'm pretty sure they're being held hostage in the cameras of the guys who came out from Harmonix to judge. They were very nice! They gave us prizes and let us talk to them for a while about games, a business which I hope to enter very soon, so it was a very valuable way for me to spend some time.

All in all it took about 6 or 8 hours to do all of the tournament stuff, so we missed most of the con stuff. It was totally worth it. Like I said.

On Sunday, we roamed about a bit more. I went to an anime sing- and dance-along panel, which was run by a voice actress. It was pretty fun! I'm sure there's some video on the internet somewhere of me in a Carmelldansen conga line at 9:30 in the am in a Haruhi costume... ah, conventions. I got to sing and dance Hare Hare Yukai a few times in my costume, so that made me very happy. An enjoyable time overall... I hope they do it again next year. ^_^

Later on Sunday, we dropped by the Legend of Neil booth to play some Settlers of Catan with Sandeep Parikh, who was in The Guild and who had been very nice to us all weekend long. He tried to make a lot of crap trades with me, and I was having none of that. I can't remember who won. I think it was him, the jerk. Then he signed our posters. :<

I wish I had gotten to check out more cosplay, but I didn't have much time because of the tournament. I saw some very good costumes! My personal favourite was a little girl I saw at the beginning of the day Saturday who was dressed as Yotsuba. It was great. She was so cute! I feel kind of bad that I put it on the internet :<< but I had to share her cuteness with the world. I wish you could see the hair better. It was a good idea; they made it out of felt. It looked much better in person!

I really hope I can make Connecticon next year, because they just keep making it bigger and better every year. Maybe they'll also remember to put the Rock Band tourney finals on the program so we can play to a crowd of more than a dozen! was still awesome.

Did you go? What did you think? What did you do? And, most importantly, what did you wear?