Monday, April 5, 2010

Post-AB Brief!

This is just a quick note after Anime Boston this past weekend, which was great! I wasn't really there for very long compared to my usual attendance standards, but I had fun while I was there. I went to Nobou Uematsu's QA panel... so amazing ;_;

Anyway, for now I will leave you with this pic of me in my costume. Needs a little tweaking, but it's totally one of my favourite costumes that I've done... not least of all because of the prop, which I'm pretty proud of. :D

More later!


Mike said...

Damn kid, you look awesome! Don't run with those.

dxanato said...

The Panel with Nobuo Uematsu made worth going to AB. When he start to sing Happy birthday was one the best part.

BrassAntlers said...

Gah, so adorable! I just love the huge pair of scissors. I think that the bigger they are, the better the overall effect.

lilyowen said...

You look cute with the costume. I just can not image how you make it by yourself.