Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Connecticon 2010 Cosplay Highlights

Or, cosplay highlights that I bothered/managed to take photos of.

I mostly roamed the halls this year, spending a lot of time in the dealers room getting some good deals and looking at cosplay. I went to a couple panels, played some cool board games, and generally mozied around.

I'll only post a handful of photos directly in this entry... find the rest here:

I regret that the more front-pointed photo is slightly blurry... her costume was VERY well made! And she was super nice, on top of it all :D

This made me happy ^_^ She was cute, and the wig was amazing!

The staff was awesome... I love props!

A very well-done Tamari costume. A lot of Naruto cosplayers don't have this attention to detail and finishing, at least not lately. She looked great ^_^

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