Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jobs, Jobs...

Man, that cosplay post never happened! We worked overtime for a few weeks at work, which left me little time or energy to do... well, anything.

I'm almost done with a project for a friend - a costume for her performance in a stage show, Kalliope's Karavan, "An Evening of Sideshow Delights"! If you'd like some information, click here.

I'll be posting some photos, if she'll permit me :D

Aside from this, I haven't had the funds to make any new costumes for myself. My job situation is rather up in the air. However, I'm going to take the opportunity to fix up existing costumes, and look into my fabric archives to see what else I can drum up. I've probably bought supplies for something and forgotten about it... >_>

You'll hear from me sooner this time.

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