Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Connecticon 2010 Cosplay Highlights

Or, cosplay highlights that I bothered/managed to take photos of.

I mostly roamed the halls this year, spending a lot of time in the dealers room getting some good deals and looking at cosplay. I went to a couple panels, played some cool board games, and generally mozied around.

I'll only post a handful of photos directly in this entry... find the rest here:

I regret that the more front-pointed photo is slightly blurry... her costume was VERY well made! And she was super nice, on top of it all :D

This made me happy ^_^ She was cute, and the wig was amazing!

The staff was awesome... I love props!

A very well-done Tamari costume. A lot of Naruto cosplayers don't have this attention to detail and finishing, at least not lately. She looked great ^_^

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Nearly Over...

I've actually been taking quite a few costume photos at Connecticon this year! I'm pretty proud of myself. However, I neglected to think about how I'd get the photos to my computer while in CT... oh, dear. I suppose there won't be any photos until Sunday or Monday. Sorry. :<

I picked up a lot of Pokemon-related merchandise this year, and dropped some money on some hardcover volumes of Black Jack (discounted heavily... awesome!), nice prints from the artist alley, and a Totoro piano book. And a handful of Japanese goodies, since Connecticon lets vendors sell them :3

I also was gifted a Jirachi on my Pokemon Diamond game! And here I had thought I'd missed my chance to get it. So cute, and with a crazy 140-power move. o_o;

That's all for this little update. I'll be hitting the con un-costumed tomorrow for a few hours. I'll be going to a makeup panel, and maybe try for an autograph. A relaxed day.

Hope everyone attending has been having a good weekend.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Connecticon is here!

...why am I still awake? It's Connecticon time, I should be sleeping! Oh, well. I'll be quick here.

This year I'll be going to CTcon for all three days, and I have what I believe is a functional camera, so I'm going to try to post some pics and notes throughout the weekend. I don't have any particular goals this year... my friends aren't really around for entering the Rock Band tourney again or anything... so I'll be floating, which is, frankly, pretty awesome. I'm going to try to get a mix of experiences. I might even try out the scavenger hunt ^_^

Poor Mike's wig still makes him look a bit like a Beatle in this photo... oh, well. I still like it. It's from Anime Boston last year, but the costume is relevant... read on... ._.;

The costume situation is a little sad. My wig never arrived (I still haven't heard word about it despite sending emails... I'll provide updates on this saga for the sake of helping those of you considering making a purchase at limebarb... I'm trying not to judge, yet), so no Pokemon this time around. That was okay and planned for. I spent some time today ironing my Souseiseki costume, hemming the cape (the only thing I had time to fix on this costume for now, which is fine), and getting everything else together. I planned meticulously! I organized, as I do best! And yet, somehow dropped the ball and left the clothing parts of my costume hanging on my fridge door. Oh, my. I guess that black plastic bag made it blend in... you know, to the white fridge... >_>

Not my finest moment. >______> Uh... I blame work-related stress?

Fortunately I have some other costumes here, and for the sake of comfort and cuteness, I'm going as space commander Haruhi Suzumiya again. I really like the costume, so I'm not exactly upset about it ^_^ Look for me in red, if any one is ever at all looking for me. I don't think Kyon will be making an appearance this time around.

And, from now on, my checklist goes with me into the car for a once-over just before pulling out of the parking lot. Just in case.

I'm going to rest up for the big weekend. Hope you're doing the same!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh man, am I actually making a post? Yeah. Don't fall out of your seat.

Life is nuts right now. Really. Here's a costume-related update.

  • Connecticon is this weekend! Yay! Since I already ordered the wig from (I just can't do wigs, at least not now >_>), I decided to bring out my Pokemon Gijinka costume for the occasion. I only have a few days to fix it up. I did a test run the other night with what I have done, and, well... it makes me look fat! D: Let's just say it needs a little help. Additionally, everything still needs fasteners and the like. I'm going to try to fix up the vest to give a little more waist definition. The nice thing about this costume is since it's based on someone's interpretation of a Pokemon, I can modify it however I please! I'm thinking of a lower vest neckline, and maybe ribbon or some other kind of tie around the waist. The shoes are also a bit problematic, but they will likely stay as they are, unless I find some kind of miracle solution at the craft store today. The stores in this state are awful, though, so I'm not holding my breath.

  • My job future is a bit uncertain, so I've had to stop production on my WoW Druid costume. However, I've already bought lots of planning materials and books, so the planning will continue. Patterns will be made! Techniques will be learned (in theory at least)! Horray. Horrah. In this vein, I'll be making one or more posts about leatherworking techniques in the future, so look out for that.

  • I ended up with no photos from Anime Boston this year, as I broke my camera about half an hour into the event. Boo! It was a complete whirlwind this year, anyway... so strange...

  • And, finally, once I DO have some certain money again, I will be posting a list of upcoming projects. It seems I won't have anything done for Blizzcon this year (again >_>), but hopefully I can still pull off a costume for the Harry Potter premier!

That's my world right now... a bit all over the place, but the costumes are finding their way into the shuffle. Hopefully things will stabilize for me soon. I also have some tutorials in the works, which I know I always talk about and rarely post. But they're in progress. Truthies.

Leave a comment if you're going to be at CTcon next weekend... we'll look for each other!