Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Progress Update

Here is a crappy picture of the staff I'm making for the aforementioned Blizzard prop contest. I don't expect to win, as there will be many entries that were built more carefully over a longer period of time, but it is pushing me to make things.

I'm trying a lot of techniques I've never done before on this one, so it's really taking forever. It was a quite risky thing to do under a time constraint, but... meh. I couldn't use my usual methods due to the nature of the thing.

Trying something new often requires trial and error, even with careful planning. I hate struggling with a technique, only to realize further in that I could've done something from the beginning to make the process easier. But, at least I can use that knowledge for the next prop. ^_^ I'll be more specific about the trials and errors here when the staff is done.

By the way, you're looking at the top of the staff here. I know it's blurry. And unfinished. But you get the idea.

Also of note is that, for the first time, I designed the staff to come apart into two pieces. There happened to be a good place in the design for this to happen. This will help with moving and storing it. ^_^

The goal is to have the staff ready to paint by the weekend. Once it's in the painting stage (less completely-room-consuming and easier to clean up at the end of the day, at least in theory >_>), I can so some significant work on props for Anime Boston. Sewing will follow shortly. Much to do.


Ashley said...

I've never really had much experience with props but that looks really good so far. I hope you post the completed project soon!

Marian said...

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