Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photoshoot: Deathsmiles in Salem!

The shots from our Deathsmiles photoshoot in Salem, MA are finally out! I'm extremely pleased with how they came out. It was so fun to wear these costumes in Salem - it IS Halloweentown, especially in October!

IndieNate did the photos, and he was really fun to work with :3 There are a lot more photos where this came from! The full set from the shoot is on his Flickr page here:

You should check out his other photos while you're there!

Costume credits:

- I made my own Casper costume, wings, and scissors, as well as Windia's sword.

- YummyGamorah made her own Windia costume and wings, Rosa's costume, and styled my wig bangs for me :3

- HoneyB made her own Rosa wings and fairy in the cage, as well as assisting with numerous parts of her own costume, including the ruffles and chains!

I can't wait to do something like this again! It was so much fun ^_^

New Site Layout, Again

I didn't really care for the dynamic layout (without spending a lot of time fiddling around), so I chose a different static layout. Clean and simple ^_^