Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update to an Old Post

In addition to today's post, I updated this older post about using fiberglass to make the Windia Sword. I added a few resin progress shots, and updated some of the text. Check it out!

Deathsmiles: Windia (or, How to Make a Wooshy Sword with Fiberglass and Resin)


Creating Branches and Wood Texture - Cheaply!


The aforementioned project for which I painted many, many leaves also required branches (what else would leaves be on?). Not only branches, but branches of specific thicknesses and shapes. And, oh yeah, they have to be light enough to carry on my back. Geez!

I solved the conundrum by creating the branches out of PVC pipe. It's cheap, readily available, lightweight, comes in many different thicknesses, and easy to bend with some sand and a heat gun. I'll talk more about that process in another post.

Once I had all this smooth PVC formed into branches, how to make them look like... well branches? The answer: TEXTURE ALL THE THIIINGS!

Step-by-step after the jump: