Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 Things To Do Before Buying Anything for Your Next Costume

When you get all jazzed up about a new costume, it's easy to want to start buying and sewing RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW. Even careful planning can result in buying too much, so it's good to take a breather before running around buying fabric and wigs and OMG THESE BUTTONS ARE PERFECT I'LL TAKE 8 PACKS JUST IN CASE AND... okay. This is why.

1. The References

Gather as many as you can find. Take your own. Scour the internet. Find fanart that jives with your idea of what the costume should look like. Print out the best references AND put them on some sort of storage that you can access from your phone at the store (if you have such a phone). I like to put mine in Evernote or Dropbox, or just directly onto my phone. That way, you can compare the printouts and the screen versions to decide on colours, since they can look different depending on screens, printer, etc. Put everything in a folder and take it to the store!
I may or may not be planning something new...   .  _.


A complete list of all the pieces of the costumes, and then a sub-list of everything you you need to construct each piece. Then, turn that into a shopping list. Figure out which items come from which places - wig stuff from your favourite wig website (mine is Arda!), fabrics from your local store, special trims and beads from online shops, etc. Then you won't miss anything when you're shopping!

I am one of those weirdos that loves to organize, so this part is actually fun for me. >_>

3. The Plan

Try to figure out the basic plan for assembling your costume. First, it may reveal a few more things you need to buy. Second, it will reveal problem points of your costume construction and allow you to think ahead before having to redo something. Finally, if you know at least some of the patterns you'll be using (if any), it will give you a better ballpark of how much fabric to buy so you don't end up with way too much or way too little! Optional: come up with your "plan laugh." Mwaaa ha ha haaa...

Once you give things some thought and have at least most of a plan, have fun with the fun part!

What are you planning to make right now? Leave a comment!

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