Monday, November 23, 2015

Lagombi Progress! 11/21

Hi everyone! I've been working on my Lagombi costume, sometimes on stream! It's fun because even if only a couple of people are watching (probably working on their own stuff!), I can chat with them, and it gets me to focus and work on something for a while. Here's where I'm at with it right now (after the jump).

I finished the base for the top, and almost finished patterning out the rather complicated "bunny hat". I keep thinking it looks like Link's hair/hat from Legend of Zelda, especially from the side. o_o; Once I discovered that the ears were "engineered" to be one piece of fabric along with all other fabric on the hood piece, I knew it would make things both more difficult (figuring out the right shape in 3D) and easier (once done, the pattern is one piece!).

I'm really appreciating how the designer of this armor has thought about how it actually goes together. Things like the hat being one piece, and there being visible closures and attachments for EVERYTHING. This is a welcome change from what I'm used to with anime (especially anime) and video game designs that are more artsy, and while pretty, often make little physical sense (see also "Who Designs This Stuff, Anyway?"). So, while I have to make some alterations for comfort and practicality, I'm excited to not have to come up with ways to attach everything. There are also so many pouches! I'm not going to have to carry a bag!

Here's the bunny hat pattern, nearly complete. Just needs tweaking:


The top still needs all the closures and finishing along the bottom, but I don't want to finish the bottom until I know for sure how it will be attached or not attached to the pants and skirt. This way, it's still flexible.

I think the front panel might be a bit askew, too, which will be an easy fix, but I don't want to fix that until I have a closure and can try it on my actual body.

Making cosplay for my "new" body has been difficult because my mannequin isn't quite big enough, but I'm doing my best. It's just really easy to make things too small. Luckily, with the lace-up back, I can add a slightly larger panel underneath the laces if I need to, and it will look fine and I will be covered up. It's also pretty easy to add more faux fur onto itself because the fur blends over the seam, and you really can't see it at all.

I hope to finish the hat pattern this weekend, and start making it next week, along with the lace-up closure for the top, and hopefully also starting to trim out the stamped fabric with its white and red stripes!


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Tamara Adams said...

Stumbled across ur blog because I am also making Lagombi armor >< its my first proper project so im a little scared ^^ but reading your blog has helped me a bit :) wondering do In need a wig? Becauae in the game you can have any hair colour ^^ im sorry I know this post is old :) but I hope you reply thank you :)