Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3 Best Ways to Use your Fabric and Craft Store Coupons

"Why yes, I did use
coupons! Thank you for
We all get them in some form: weekly (or daily!) coupons in the mail, on apps, via email, and from
websites. But when you want to buy costume materials, and you have only a few coupons at your disposal, what should you use them on? Or, what should you wait for a coupon to buy? After many years of experience shopping at these retailers, many of whom mark things up so they can always have "sales", I can offer some insight!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3 Ways Not to Reinvent the Wheel

I saved myself a lot of time and energy by realizing the
costume slipped on over my head with no additional
closures necessary! Skirt was thrifted as-is and
simply hemmed slightly. Shoes were also thrifted.
When it comes to costume-ry, there are a million little things that need to come together. And, as we all know, each of those million things takes a chunk of time to make happen, whether it's sourcing a material or painstakingly embroidering a design. While we all take pride in making [every. single. thing.] on our costumes, there are sometimes when you won't get much out of starting from scratch. Here are some things to avoid for the sake of your costume - and your sanity.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Making Fabric Stamps, Plus A Progress Update!

Today I'm going to show you a tidbit of progress on my latest costume, which is from Monster Hunter!

After breaking down the costume pieces, I realized that every single piece needs some amount of a patterned blue fabric. So, I decided to get that out of the way by making it first, and then I would have it at my disposal for the entire project, as easy to grab for as any of the other fabric I purchased.

More details on how the fabric stamp creation and stamping went down after the jump.